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10 Best Tours in San Francisco

10 Best Tours in San Francisco

Planning to witness the scenic beauty of San Franciso? Here’s to a city full of culture and historical preservation.

There are a variety of engrossing excursions that give tourists a comprehensive understanding of its beautiful attractions. Each tour provides a different perspective of the city’s vibrancy, highlighting the undiscovered gems and iconic sites. Let's have a look at the most recommended, 10 of the best tours in San Francisco, to better explore this city

Big Bus San Francisco Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

10 Best Tours in San Francisco

If you’re looking for an easy way out to explore the city then hop on hop off the bus San Francisco is an excellent solution. It allows visitors to hop off the bus at any stop to tour the neighborhood before boarding another vehicle. Every half an hour the big bus travels to over 20 destinations such as Embarcadero, Presidio Park, the famous Golden Gate Bridge, and Chinatown.

The San Francisco bus tour's full journey might take more than 2 hours. Every bus has an open top with pre-recorded commentary to guide the visitors along the journey, offering commentary in 10 different languages. As it is one of the best-guided tours, it might get crowded quickly so it is suggested to queue up early so you don’t miss out on your tour.

  2 hours

Golden Gate Whale Watch Tours

10 Best Tours in San Francisco

With the Whale watching San Francisco tours, get ready to venture into San Francisco Bay to witness the numerous whales that migrate through the water. It might take about two and a half hour journey where the visitors might spot seagulls, harbor seals, porpoises, grey whales, dolphins, or humpbacks. You can also witness a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge from here.

The tour doesn’t offer any meals so it is suggested to bring your food along and pack some warm clothing such as coats, caps, and gloves. The staff is very welcoming which in turn reflects the good customer feedback.

  2.5 hours

The Haunt Ghost Tours

10 Best Tours in San Francisco

Take a ghost tour, a spine-chilling journey in San Francisco initiating an exciting and terrifying adventure through the city's haunting past. Discover the Haunt Ghost Tours to know the ghostly past of Chinatown and other neighborhoods while experienced guides tell tales of mysteries, spirits, and unsettling encounters.

It is a perfect spot to head over to spend an ideally spooky Halloween holiday, though, most of them run all year, giving a 90-minute walking tour as you explore the darker sides of the history of San Francisco.

  90 minutes

Alcatraz Tours

Take a San Francisco Alcatraz tour, where Alcatraz Island is an iconic site of the former federal prison, back in past times. You have to take a ferry ride from Pier 33 to visit the cellblocks, where you can discover the intriguing history of Alcatraz Island and take in the iconic landmarks panoramic views of the city’s skyline, and stunning Golden Gate Bridge. The tour features a pre-recorded audio tour to guide you along the journey.

  2.5 to 3 hours

Helicopter Tour

10 Best Tours in San Francisco

The San Francisco Helicopter tour is a must-try as it takes you along through the city’s skyline offering unforgettable panoramic views. It is a one-of-a-kind experience to capture the natural beauty of San Francisco and get to know the city from a whole new perspective. This helicopter ride might be expensive on the budget but offers a lifetime experience to cherish forever.

  1 hour

Bridge-to-Bridge Cruise

10 Best Tours in San Francisco

Experience the San Francisco boat tours near two of the most iconic bridges, it takes about a 90-minute boat ride to tour the San Francisco Bay. Visitors get to witness the beauty of Alcatraz Prisoner Island, Golden Gate Bridge, the Palace of Fine Arts, and the city’s amazing skyline. This tour features a 16-language audio guide detailing the history of San Francisco offered by the Red and White Fleet.

Evening cruises might catch you cold, so it is suggested to layer up a little so you can enjoy your journey without any worries.

  1.5 hours

San Francisco Food Tours

10 Best Tours in San Francisco

Take a guided tour and embark on a culinary adventure across San Francisco’s varied culinary specialties. The foodies are welcome to join in the city food tour. Throughout a 3-hour tour, you will get to discover the 10 blocks of North Beach which is also known as “Little Italy”.

This tour offers a sample of coffee, pizzas, pastries, chocolates, and some more delectable delights included in the tour cost, where the quantity of servings is substantial so it is suggested to keep more room for food in your tummy so you can savor all the special delights they have to offer.

  3 hours

San Francisco Movie Tours

10 Best Tours in San Francisco

San Francisco has been the site of several film and TV productions, so this movie tour will take you along to all the best spots. It is an interactive tour that takes visitors to the filming locations including famous films like Mrs Doubt Fire, The Princess Diaries, and Ant-Man with a knowledgeable guide.

They screen the previews of each movie or TV show in this 3-hour ride, taking you along the dream filmy locations offering an opportunity to witness the city with a fun and distinctive perspective.

  3 hours

Bay Sailing Tour

10 Best Tours in San Francisco

Take a sailing ride with Adventure Catamaran to experience the bay breeze and a fresher perspective of San Francisco. During this 90-minute ride, you can choose to view the scenery from the safety of your cabin or on a trampoline with a netted deck, where you can hear the tranquil sounds of the waves.

The cabin bar is there to freshen you up, serving soda, wine, and beer while you can listen to the recorded audio tour regarding the iconic landmarks passing by.

  90 minutes

Wrapping up, every tour offers a chance to experience the city’s diverse array of sights, flavors, and sounds, explore the undiscovered treasures, and make enduring memories along this adventurous journey.

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